Count Your Blessings.

Last week, a small plane carrying Luke Bucklin & his three boys, Nick(14), Nate(14) & Noah(12) dropped off radar as they left during a snowstorm from Jackson Hole, WY. Search teams were sent out and a little over a week later, found the crash with no survivors. 

Luke was president of Sierra Bravo & The Nerdery - both companies that my job works with. I never met Luke or any members of his family but, I know the partners here at Modern Climate knew him. 

I, like many others, was extremely touched by this event. I thought about them everyday. When I came home from work, I watched the news, followed Twitter, & kept up with their blog lukeandginger.com, all with hope that there would be a miracle and they have survived. I would lay warm in my bed at night thinking about the boys. Choking up-knowing that they were out there somewhere, cold and alone. 

I had everyone at work sign a card and mailed it out to the family, letting them know that so many people were thinking, praying & hoping for the best. The family had even set up a meal schedule in which people could sign up for and bring a meal to their home to help out in hard times. I signed Modern Climate up last week to make a delivery this morning (Friday, Nov 5th) 

This morning, I woke up at 6am, got ready for the day & headed out the door to Lunds
I walked around the store gathering bagels, apples, bananas, yogurt & granola. I even swung by Caribou and grabbed a big to-go container or freshly brewed coffee. (i know a cup of coffee helps no matter what)

As I'm navigating myself through the beautiful Lake Harriet neighborhood, I pass by their house and a woman is standing outside with a cup of water and a toothbrush. I turn around and park in front. I get out.

"Good Morning!" I say with a smile.
"Hello!" she whispers, "I was going to try and brush my teeth cause everyone is sleeping"
I giggle and reach in the car to pull out the groceries. 
I hand her a couple bags and reach back in my car to get the coffee & fixings.

At this point, the woman began towards the house and I was assuming I would just wait outside until she came back for the coffee.

She reaches the door and turns around " you can come in if you'd like" 
"oh...okay" I say with a half smile. 
As I slowly walk towards the porch, I examine the house.
There are several jack-o-lanterns stacked upon the steps, all with names of the children on them.
I couldn't even see through the windows because there were so many cards and pictures taped to them. 

She opens the door and I step in.
There were more cards and pictures set up all over the place. A t-shirt that said "Blue for Bucklins" on it. 

"don't worry about taking your shoes off" she whispers "just head straight through there." pointing towards the kitchen.
I wipe my boots and begin to tip-toe across the hardwood floor. You could just feel the warmth and love in this home. there were blankets and laptops and food everywhere. They had so much support. I set down the coffee and walked over to the woman.
 "thank you" she says.
I reach in and hug her. "give them love for us"
"I will"
I told her who we were and if they needed anything, to let us know.

"click." I close the front door behind me and rush to my car
I'm holding the tears back so hard. 
I sit in my front seat and clasp my hands together tightly and pray. 
"God, please be with them." I repeated over and over.
I began to head to work, trying desperately to hold onto any composure I had left. 

My boyfriend calls me to say good morning and, as we're saying goodbye, I lose it. 
He comforts me and I continue my drive to work. 

I've had 5 people talk to me about going there this morning. And every time, I cry. The first time was the worst but I've gotten better.

To all who read this, tell those you care about-that you care about them. Hug your friends, family & co-workers. Don't go to bed or leave upset. Its just not worth it. 

And the next time you become upset when the dishes aren't done or dinner isn't made-stop yourself and remember that life can end in an instant. We are not invincible. God gave us a soul for a reason. Go make someone's day & fill your life with joy.

I love you all.